Mushroom Hunting Forest Tours

So, you would like to join us on a safari tour?

We have several lengths of tours:

Tours are seasonal in nature. They are scheduled when weather and conditions are most favorable for a successful mushroom hunt. This is often after or during rain events.

Thank you for considering a Tour with Steve—we welcome you! Mushroom hunts have been described as Easter Egg hunts for adults, and ours is a family friendly tour. Children are often very enthusiastic hunters and gathers; being lower to the ground, they will often be the first to spot mushrooms. It is a great game. So if you have kids, bring them along and make this a family event.

What will happen?

We will meet at a prearranged place, make our introductions, check equipment and then head off to our hunting grounds. Once we arrive, we will have a short class and demonstration on how to navigate in the forest. To navigate reliably in the forest, you need a good, high quality compass. We’ll teach you how to use your compass, so be sure to bring yours along with your whistle…. (We will make recommendations for compasses and other equipment on another page - LINK.) A GPS (Global Positioning System) is a fine tool, but often does not work well (or even at all) on a cloudy day or beneath a heavy canopy of the forest where we typically go hunting. Our brief class will familiarize you with the basics of using a compass—and then we start hunting for mushrooms!

What sort of terrain will I encounter?

A walk in the forest is not like walking down the street. Often there are no trails or signs. It does require the ability to walk on uneven ground, through brush and up & down hillsides, but don’t let this discourage you. This is not a competition on who can walk the fastest. A fast walker will often miss the hidden treasures. This is a slow wander-and-weave through the forest at your own leisurely pace. You will be amazed to see how much ground you will cover in a day!

How do I prepare?

Dress for both the expected and unexpected weather conditions. Often the weather in the forest is different from the city. In the autumn, the foliage is usually quite wet. It is highly recommended you do not wear cotton jeans for your outerwear. (Synthetic fibers will keep you warmer and drier than cotton.) Make sure you bring all the items recommended on our “Checklist for mushroom hunting”. Get a good night’s rest before the tour. We will be doing some physical exertion. Try walking around your neighborhood for a few days prior to the tour especially where there are some inclines. Bring a great attitude to learn and have fun.