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Sparky’s Tip of the Week #6 – Forest & Mushroom Ethics

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Sparky’s Tip of the Week #6 – Forest & Mushroom Ethics

- Tips by Sparky

Sparky has decided to write his own outdoor column called “Sparky’s Tip of the Week”. He hopes you enjoy some of his insights.

Caution: Some of the pictures in the following tip may upset you. Sparky gets freaked out, too!

Forest Ethics & Etiquette

  • If you bring it into the woods, bring it home. Please do not dump your garbage in the forest.


  • This including gun cartridge shells. Someone has to pick it up. Besides being unsightly, it is potential dangerous to other people and animals.

Garbage dumped in forest

  • If Mother Nature calls, bury it! including toilet paper so it decomposes and not stepped in or run into water supply.
  • Treat the forest with respect; it is our legacy to future generations.

Dumped tires

  • Treat other people you meet with respect. The forests have many uses including logging, hunting and many forms of recreation.


Mushroom Picking Ethics & Etiquette

  • Pick only what you can use.
  • Do not pick an area clean always leave some mushrooms behind.
  • If you meet someone else picking mushrooms in the forest, say hello but do not start picking mushrooms in their patch, it might be dangerous.
  • It is better to cut the stems than to pull up entire mushroom. There may be a new mushrooms forming below.
  • Picking mushroom will not kill them but may help spread its spore. Mushrooms are like fruit on a tree. Drop a spore and grow a new mushroom next year.
  • Mushrooms are the sign of a healthy ecosystem.

Ramaria (Coral Mushroom) fruiting in forest

  • Mushrooms are a valuable, renewable resource to be enjoyed and appreciated.


Photographing mushrooms

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