Sparky’s Tip of the Week #2 – Whistles

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Tips by Sparky

Sparky’s Tip of the Week #2 – Whistles

Sparky has decided to write his own  outdoor column called “Sparky’s Tip of the Week”. He hopes you enjoy some of his insights.

What kind of whistle do I need?

Good question! If you are heading out to the forest, you must have a whistle. Traditionally, the most common whistle is the pea whistle;

Pea Whistle

you know the one with the little pea inside the whistle. However, you want the loudest whistle available, and one that is heard over a long distance. I have two recommendations; both can be purchased from REI either in their store or on their website at




1. Rescue Howler by SOL—110 dB audible over 1 mile. (carry ear plugs)

Rescue Howler by SOL







2. Tri-Power Whistle by REI—produces three different pitches and is very loud.

Tri-Power Safety Whistle


Sparky recommendations: Sparky make me carry both of these whistles whenever I am in the forest. If I am separated from the group or get into trouble, the whistle is to call for help. Again, purchase a single function whistle. Expect to pay $4-5 each.

Remember: 3 blasts on the whistle mean “Help! I am in Danger!! Send Help!”

Purchase at any good outdoor store like REI

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