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Hunting mushrooms in the Mt Hood National Forest is always an adventure. I am often asked how do you know where to find mushrooms?
How do I find mushrooms? Do I look for a particular soil type? Do I look for certain trees? Is it about ground covers? Do I follow animal trails? Is the calendar the key? Do I consult with a psychic or have clairvoyant abilities? Is a sunny day better than a rainy day?
Well, I am going to let you in on my secret. Do not tell anyone. It is none of the above. It’s my dog.

Sparky awaiting his job orders

Now Sparky, my dog, is no ordinary dog. He is a border collie. If you know anything about the breed, he is a working dog.

Sparky at full speed!

In fact, he will outwork any working dog around. Sparky is a black and white blur running around in the woods.

Sparky Hunting

Yep! He is my secret weapon in find those elusive fungi. He can cover more ground in five minutes than a herd of pickers in a week. He learned very quickly the technique of how to pick mushrooms. Sadly, he does leave some jagged edges on the mushroom stems from his teeth but I can usually fix those deficiencies in nothing flat.

Sparky retrieving

I know what you are thinking. How much will it cost you to buy my dog? Don’t even think about it. I’ve been offered over ten thousand dollars for him already. Read my lips: Sparky is not for sale even at ten times that price. Or!
If you want to see Sparky in action, then join us for a mushroom adventure tour .

Sparky, "The Wonder Dog!"

Seeing is believing!!

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