About Steven R. Schmidt

Steven R. Schmidt has been involved in horticulture for over 40 years. His family roots are deep in horticulture going back to his great-grandfather who was an estate gardener. His grandfather, Frederick Henry Schmidt, was a professional gardener in New Jersey and his father Frederick, while not a professional gardener, was an avid gardener with his wife. Steve’s parents had the best-landscaped yard in our neighborhood! Since 1969, Steven has engaged in a potpourri of experiences in horticulture with a degree in forestry from Paul Smith’s College, experience in landscaping, urban parks management, urban arboriculture, garden center manager and wholesale nursery manager. Since 1982, Steven has run his own businesses in gardening, landscape contracting, pest control, wholesale nursery growing and as a horticultural consultant.

Steven’s passion for ornamental grasses in the early 1980’s led him to start his nursery and grow a large collection of ornamental grasses. After retirement, he became interested in the unassuming fungi found in the forest and fields that we call mushrooms. The hunt for mushrooms combines Steve’s love of horticulture with another love—cooking.

Learning that there are many species of edible mushrooms found locally led Steven to delve into the study of mycology and fungi identification. Mushroom hunting is challenging and really fun, as is learning to read the forest and plant associations that make it possible to find particular mushroom species.