About Tours with Steve

Tours with Steve is a unique business dedicated to providing people the opportunity to enjoy a day in the forest with the challenge of the hunt. Mushroom hunting is as old as humanity. Many cultures around the world still engage in hunting and gathering. It is usually a family affair involving people of all ages; the older folks teach the youngsters the mysteries of finding elusive mushrooms.

Before heading into the woods, you will learn about personal safety. One of the first skills you will learn is using a compass. The forests are beautiful places but have their own share of unseen hazards. In cities, you take for granted stopping at a corner and looking both ways before crossing the street. While vehicles are usually not a common hazard in the forest, navigating through thick brush can have its own challenges. In the city, you generally walk on smooth level ground, not so in the forest. Blown down trees, rocks, thick brush, streams and lack of trails makes walking in a straight line often impossible. One tool has been found to make this easier, a compass. While GPS’s are technical wonders in open ground, they may not work as effectively in closed canopy of a dense forest or if your batteries die. A compass works using the earth’s magnetic field and aligns with it using a magnetized needle. While the needle does not align exactly with true north, it does give a reliable indication of direction to enable navigation to safety.

Steve will also answer your questions and teach you about the proper equipment to carry in the forest when you go out on your own.

Next, we’ll learn how to locate and identify mushrooms by learning to read the forest.

And lastly, we’ll learn how to prepare mushrooms to eat – the best part!